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Ownership Transition


Transitioning ownership of any business is challenging and time consuming. However, the complexities and considerations for the LargeLocal business owner can often be far greater than those of much larger businesses. While every situation is different there can be many very personal factors involved, such as death, illness, divorce, disagreements between partners or issues of generational transition. Nearly all LargeLocal business owners are also extremely concerned about to whom they entrust their business and the legacy that they have created. The vast majority do not view their business as merely an asset to be sold and are greatly concerned about the impact on their family, community, employees and customers with whom they may have had decades long associations.

We recognize and deeply appreciate the blood, sweat and tears it takes to build a successful business and the practical and emotional challenges of selling something in which you, and perhaps your familiy, are so personally invested. Our passion is working with the real people and families who have dedicated their all to building a great business to find a successful path to transitioning ownership while achieving their desired financial outcomes and leaving their business and employees in good hands with great prospects for the future.