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Kamylon Management System (KMS)

KMS is a Management System that becomes embedded in our business units because it precisely links winning strategy to superior execution at all levels of the organization to deliver sustained performance improvement.
KMS is based on decades of experience with well-proven principles and techniques in use by the world's best managed companies, tailored to the needs of LargeLocal businesses. These include world class People, Planning, Performance Management and Risk Mitigation Processes coupled with an obsession for disciplined Process Improvement using the tools and principles of Lean Six Sigma.
KMS is essentially continuous improvement theory and practice applied to LargeLocal businesses.  Continuous improvement is highly action oriented (more practice than theory) and draws on a large number of tools and discrete methods from various commercial and operational disciplines such as Lean, Six Sigma, Pricing Excellence, Salesforce Effectiveness and Organization Design to name but a few.  KMS also includes centralized software and other tools tailored for the LargeLocal market.  Specifically, KMS seeks to:
  • Determine winning business unit strategies
  • Diagnose and measure performance gaps
  • Define and prioritize improvement opportunities and targets
  • Establish & cascade clear goals and metrics to align the organization
  • Establish robust financial and operational reporting systems
  • Design manageable but aggressive, multi-year change programs
  • Engage Associates at every level to make a difference and drive improvement
  • Build change momentum through improvement events, skill building & results
  • Reward superior performers throughout the organization
  • Build a team-based, performance oriented culture
  • Build the capacity to drive and sustain continuous improvement