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For Businesses

Professionals at Kamylon are both managers and investors, starkly differentiated from most private equity firms and institutional investors.  We pride ourselves in growing Investors Who Think Like Managers and Managers Who Think Like Investors

Our mission is to protect and enhance the legacy of LargeLocal business owners and create tangible value through investing for the long term and employing the Kamylon Management System to drive continuous improvement. Unlike many investment firms we do not merely rely on debt and financial engineering to generate returns -- excessive debt and short investment horizons can be risky and detrimental to a business legacy that may have taken a lifetime to build. We always strive to leave a business in much better condition than when we arrived. For business owners Kamylon's unique approach has the following benefits when compared to other types of buyers:

  • Conservative capital structure. Kamylon prefers to invest initially with all cash. We feel that a company’s prudent capacity for carrying debt cannot be properly understood by anyone but its management and with the benefit of time. You also avoid contingencies based on the availability of debt to fund a portion of the transaction.

  • Flexible capital. Kamylon can use its capital to invest in many different types of transactions and in some cases across the entire capital structure.  Owners may in some cases secure growth capital and retain sizeable minority positions.

  • Long term horizon. Kamylon does not operate under a "private equity fund" structure and its investors take a long term business building view. We have no specified holding period and intend to hold quality businesses for the long term.

  • Unique Company and SBU structure. Kamylon operates under a unique managerial holding company structure. By affiliating an acquired business with a parent strategic business unit (SBU) made up of similar businesses that business unit gets better access to capital, customers, channels, talent, technology, systems, best practices and shared resources.

  • Buy and build capability. Kamylon actively pursues opportunities to invest in companies with the potential to be “platform investments”.  Kamylon has the talent and infrastructure to identify smaller, complimentary investment opportunities, evaluate them, and execute a successful transaction and integration. The end result is a larger, stronger business.

  • Performance improvement expertise. 1/3 of Kamylon's full time professionals devote all of their effort to assisting acquired businesses.  They are deeply schooled in the tools and techniques of the Kamylon Management System, roll up their sleeves to help each business suceed and have collectively over 100 years of operating experience ranging from small businesses to multi-billion dollar companies and business units.

  • Talent management system. Kamylon provides HR, recruiting and talent management support to each business unit. Top talent is shared across business units affording the opportunity for talented individuals to grow and develop during a career with Kamylon.

  • A passion for LargeLocal business. LargeLocal is all we do. Kamylon's principals have focused on investing and building LargeLocal businesses for well over a decade. During that time we have grown to deeply appreciate the profound impact these businesses have on our economy, employment and well being. They are the life blood of our nation and we all share the utmost personal and professional respect for those business owners who have invested everything -- sometimes against all odds -- to build a lasting personal and business legacy.