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For Intermediaries

Kamylon recognizes the important role intermediaries play in the deal community and we welcome the opportunity to work with you to successfully close transactions. We work with intermediaries on both sell side and buy side transactions  As in all of our business interactions, we promise to exhibit the highest level of integrity, and we strive to make dealings with Kamylon a positive experience for intermediaries and their clients. Specifically you can expect:
  • Confidentiality. Trust between a buyer and seller is the foundation of successful transactions and the key to Kamylon’s long term success. We will treat the seller’s confidential information with the same care and sensitivity as we treat our own. Click here to download our standard Confidentiality Agreement.
  • Integrity. We believe in dealing with our partners in an honest forthright manner. We won’t sign a term sheet only to get you “on the hook” and then try to constantly re-cut the deal before close. We do a significant amount of work upfront and try to establish all of the primary terms of the “business deal” with the seller before signing a term sheet. Unless something extraordinary arises during due diligence we make every effort to stick to those terms.
  • Fast responses. Kamylon is committed to open and clear communication, and we will respond to inquiries within 48 hours. We will communicate our interest and concerns as early as possible; we won’t leave you hanging for days or weeks only to say we’re not interested.
  • Certainty of closing. Expressions of interest and term sheets that Kamylon submits are typically submitted without financing contingencies. Most often Kamylon will finance its transactions 100%, and we won’t string you along for months only to back out at the 11th hour because we can’t put together the financing.
  • Speed of close. Because we rarely use outside sources of debt or equity financing, Kamylon’s principals have the final say in making an investment. We spend our time during due diligence to gain a deep understanding of the company and its operations rather than trying to get several different parties at the table to agree on a financing structure. Depending on the quality of information provided by the seller, we can close transactions in as little as 45 business days.
  • Compensation. We are willing to compensate intermediaries who add value by generating unique, quality deal flow and help to close a successful transaction.  Fees vary depending on the level of involvement of the individual or firm throughout the due diligence and execution process. Click here for information on our executive acquisition referral program designed for industry executives who are able to introduce us to potential acquisition opportunities.