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Recruiting Criteria

Across all roles Kamylon focuses on recruiting and developing world class talent that has potential to grow. Experience required varies by role. In some cases deep industry domain expertise is important. In others, we believe that well developed general management skills combined with a sharp intellect and a willingness to learn can enable executives to excel outside of their area of domain expertise. In other cases, we look for well proven business and process improvement skills that can be applied across a multitude of businesses. Some common characteristics we screen for are as follows:
  • A person of principle, impeccable character, and integrity who shares the values of the firm
  • Exemplary record of professional, academic, extracurricular, and leadership achievement
  • Excellent communication & interpersonal skills (verbal and written)
  • Desire to lead smaller businesses rather than stay on the promotion treadmill in the larger enterprise
  • Proven track record of driving business results
  • A willingness and desire to ‘roll up the sleeves’ to make things happen in the smaller enterprise
  • High energy and enthusiasm required to succeed in a strongly performance and improvement oriented culture
  • Analytical skills, excellent judgment, and strategic problem-solving capabilities
  • Ability to rapidly synthesize information and present it to colleagues in a clear and concise fashion
  • Willingness to, and experience of, working in a highly systematic and disciplined fashion
  • Willingness embrace/deploy all elements of the Kamylon Management System
    (lean six sigma, sales & marketing best practices, goal deployment, performance management processes etc)