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Talent Management Philosophy

At Kamylon, we are business builders and we believe great people build great businesses. There is no higher strategic priority than attracting, developing and retaining top talent. As an associate of Kamylon, you can expect to participate in a firm that successfully blends the elements of the world’s best run companies and the strongest performing private equity firms. We subscribe to a performance based culture and are firmly committed to enhancing the skills of our associates throughout each stage of their development. We actively source, grow and develop a pipeline of management talent across our portfolio companies. We add value to our portfolio companies through implementation of the Kamylon Management System (KMS) and our talent management process is a critical underpinning of KMS.

We also believe in building relationships with a strong pipeline of talent rather than simply filling open positions when needed in a business unit. To that end, we nurture relationships with talented up and coming and experienced executives even if we don’t have a specific opening or they don’t have any immediate plans to move on from their current assignment. In some cases we work with experienced executives to develop an investment thesis and then source and execute acquisitions on their behalf.
Please visit our Career Center to share with us your interests and plans as well as look for specific openings across our company.

For industry executives interested in referring deals to Kamylon and earning success fees please see more information here.