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LargeLocal Focus


Out of the more than eight million US businesses there are approximately one million LargeLocal businesses with $8-80mm in revenue and $1-8 million of cash flow -- fewer than 20,000 US companies are in fact larger.

More than 600,000 of these businesses are owned by Baby Boomers or folks who are older.  In January 2011, Boomer business owners began turning 65 at an average rate of 500 per day -- twice the historical rate.  By 2030, most of these business owners will be 80 years or older.  Only approximately 30% of US businesses will pass from first to second generation.  These inexorable forces mean that hundreds of thousands of business must find a viable ownership transition solution within the next twenty years -- an area that is underserved by traditional capital sources. Serving this need is Kamylon's singular focus.

While our areas of focus will change and expand over time based on the availability of attractive investment opportunities, Kamylon is currently focused on building the following strategic business units:

  • Healthcare consumable/disposable products
  • Health & wellness products & services
  • Branded niche consumer products
  • Media & information services
  • Aviation products & services
  • Transportation & logistics
  • Specialty manufacturing
  • Education & training
  • Business services