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In Summary

Kamylon is a diversified Managerial Holding Company comprised of Strategic Business Units which serve various markets.  Kamylon employs Managerial Investing disciplines to acquire LargeLocal businesses with revenues of $8-80 million and cash flows of $1-8 million. We implement the proprietary Kamylon Management System (KMS) to continuously improve, and consistently grow each business unit to the next level while extending the legacy of its original owner/entrepreneur. KMS is a customized set of tools, processes and management practices that Kamylon has specifically developed to suit the LargeLocal business.  

Our mission is to serve three important constituents:
  • For business owners, Kamylon provides a fairly priced, trusted, personalized, and efficient solution to the often challenging ownership transition needs of the LargeLocal owner. Kamylon’s solution has many advantages over conventional exits, such as selling to a competitor, a larger strategic buyer, or a private equity/financial buyer.
  • For talent, Kamylon provides challenging career opportunities and an uncommon culture where investors think like managers and managers think like investors™. Kamylon associates are attracted to the integration of these disciplines and the challenge of building great businesses.
  • For investors, Kamylon originates, executes, manages, and continuously improves investments in the critically important LargeLocal segment of the U.S. economy seeking to generate above average risk-adjusted returns.
In short, Kamylon blends the best practices of world's top principle investors and the world's best-run multi-business unit companies -- aspirationally “Berkshire Hathaway meets Danaher Corporation.”  Kamylon is not a private equity fund manager; it is not a conventional holding company; nor is it a traditional operating company.  It is a managerial holding company.