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Our Mission and Values

Kamylon Mission

Kamylon exists to provide a successful enduring organization where persons can not only make a living but also make a difference - by pursuing excellence, building great businesses and effectively serving our key constituencies: colleagues, business owners, customers, and investors.

Kamylon Values

We are a values based Firm. Four values represents the cornerstones of our culture and greatly influence how we interact with each of our critical constituencies:

  • A Community of Persons
  • Of Honorable Character
  • Focused on Serving the Needs of Others
  • Through Fact-based, Open & Collaborative Communication

Our approach to business is to take the high road in all that we do. That means cutting a fair deal and sticking to it. It means treating management as partners and actively supporting them in their efforts to grow their businesses. It means working hard to protect our investors, putting their interests ahead of ours and being proactive if a business hits a bump in the road. It means making sure that our associates are treated fairly and with respect and operate to the highest ethical standards. And it means worrying about the business fundamentals first, and trusting that if we consistently work hard, execute well and do the right thing, we will ultimately succeed.